Sunday, September 19, 2010


So the name is a little repetitive. I'm sure after having this blog up for a month or two, I'll figure out this amazing name and become some famous blogger who takes the world by storm by makings them eat tons of food, forcing me to make millions off of a random book I'll end up writing, which is translated into 300+ languages and turned into a worldwide phenomena.

But in all seriousness, my name is Brittany. I live in Orlando with my boyfriend Greg, my cat Leo, and his bird Lucretia. Greg loves frozen food, hot pockets, Pad Thai, and whatever junk food he can generally land his hands on. Myself, I love Big Red soda, pasta, and stuffed crust cheese pizza from Pizza Hut. When we're not being fat though, we generally like to be adventurous. My boyfriend makes an amazing balsamic marinated lamb with smashed potatoes, as well as a fantastic chicken casserole (I'll put recipes up for these once we have them mastered and remember to write down what we use). Myself, I'm more of a baker. I attempt broccoli casseroles, potato chip cookies, and sausage gravy. While Gregory usually attempts fancier dishes, I try to go for the more "Down Home Southern Cooking."

So far, we've only managed to catch the kitchen on fire once, which was my fault, sort of. Apparently grease manage to collect and when the stove heated up it caught fire. Luckily Greg rescued the damsel in distress and saved the range as well as the Brittany.

So, to close this up, keep on the look out for fun, cool, and exciting recipes as well as interesting cooking utensils, and maybe some other things thrown in. :)

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