Sunday, September 19, 2010

Himalayan Salt Plates

So one night while stumbling using my StumbleUpon toolbar (which I highly recommend downloading if you find yourself bored and wanting to see things that are relevant to your interests at the current moment) I came across these Himalayan salt plates. They're used for cooking, which allows your food to become salt infused (my Mother loves this idea) or as a interesting looking plate that will leave your guests probably licking them, just to see if they're really made out of salt. ;) Now the interesting this about these plates, besides being cut from the earth and being all natural (for your hippies out there), they are anti-microbal due to the salt content, which means, no cleaning! Now I don't know about you, but if possible, I always try to dump the dishes on my boyfriend. I'm not sure why I have this severe aversion to washing dishes, but it's always been something that I'm happier not doing.

Now, to cook with these plates, it's pretty simple. Just put the salt plate on the stove and throw whatever foods you like on it; Meat, veggies, eggs, pretty much anything that would be tasty with a salt infusion taste. Eventually, the salt becomes warn and may change the color of the rock, but this is normal wear and tear. I'm not sure how often these plates have to be replaced, but most websites that sell them usually include some sort of care instructions.

So far the cheapest plates I've found are located at: Salt Plates, Who's Closet, and Dean & Deluca.

And to find more information on the salt plates, I suggest checking out The Italian Dish.

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