Sunday, September 19, 2010

Puppy chow

I think i've said before that I'm not a huge chocolate person, but I am a woman afterall and these feminine instinct will kick in every now and again. While once again using my StumbleUpon toolbar, I came across a recipe for something called "Puppy Chow." Now, I'll be the first to say that people who feed their dog expensive treats should have something better to waste their money on. So as soon as I saw this, I was going to skip it and find something else to look at and occupy my time, until I realized, there was chocolate in it. After seeing pictures I became concerned that someone would advocate feeding chocolate to dogs, which is obviously toxic, so I continued reading. It had soon came to my attention that it was just a silly named recipe and was basically chocolate covered chex mix, which I haven't had since a kid and find delicious.

This recipe is extremely easy and a cheap buy, as long as you're not shopping at Winn Dixie and paying 8 dollars per box of chex mix. Other than that, it's butter, chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla, and powdered sugar, which is all pretty common household fatty items and if not, they're inexpensive for a tasty treat that goes a long way.

Also, this is a very kid-friendly recipe and only involves the use of a microwave. So obviously some adult supervision should be used so no one is scalded with hot chocolate, but at least falling in an oven or catching the stove on fire (which I actually did a few hours ago trying to make pierogies) isn't a concern.

The actual recipe can be viewed on Savory Sweet Life.

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