Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hot dogs

Let me start this post out with saying, I love nostalgic foods. As a kid going to barbecues, I always went for the hot dogs, usually multiple ones. Even to this day, if I need something quick and tasty, I usually go for the hot dogs (preferably Nathan's skinless dogs, my boyfriend and I can eat tons of these). The only thing I love more than hot dogs is weird variations to them. For a full meal, throw some baked beans with it and everyone loves it. For an adventurous meal, throw maybe some onions and sauerkraut on it, or maybe some mac and cheese. And for an extremely strange meal, go to Woman's Day and check out their "10 Off the Wall Hot Dogs."

The website includes: Eggroll wrapped hot dogs, Bacon wrapped hot dogs with avocado, corn dog cassarole, and my least favorite and probably the most disgusting, the Speghetti infused hot dogs.

These recipes make hot dogs fun again for kids and adults alike. And hopefully the more gross ones won't turn your off to hot dogs too much! ;)

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