Sunday, September 19, 2010

Treats on a stick

Opening this post, I would like to state that everything taste better on a stick. Corn dogs are amazing and you don't have to put your hands all over the bun, eating lollipops is more fun than just eating hard candy (I love baby bottle pops), and popsicles always taste better than water ice from a cup. Now Bakerella is inspiring all sorts of new takes on old food; throwing a stick on it! If you've never been to Bakerella's website, I suggest you do that immediately and commence drooling all over your keyboard. She has recipes for everything from Mini Maple Pancake Muffins (I love maple syrup) to Mickey/Minnie cake pops!

My mother tends to do a lot of birthday/wedding treats and favors, so I try to keep a look out and help as best I can. So when I found the "Things on a Stick Taste Better" article on Intimate Weddings, I had to post them on here as well. They link to a Poptart on a stick recipe, cheesecake on a stick recipe, pie on a stick recipe, sugar cookie on a stick recipe, and brownie pops recipe. Now, maybe I'm just a kid at heart, but I would rather eat/make something on a stick rather than something on a plate. It just seems more fun and slightly more entertaining.

In closing, if you're as amazed by Bakerella as I am, I suggest buying her book. I also suggest puttting anything you cook on a stick. :P

Update: The recipe I linked for the pop tarts had a few issues with it and I figured I'd point it out after I had used it. Put a tablespoon of water in your filling while you're cooking it, vanilla extract works as well as almond extract and saves you the money, and when making your icing, use more milk than the recipe calls for, at least enough to make the icing thinned out. Also, putting egg wash on top of your tarts will stop the pie crusts from bubbling. This recipe is good to have up while using the other one: Bake Me More. Now, I'm not saying the recipe is bad at all, it's delicious, I'm sure the blogger might have just missed a thing or two, it's hard to keep up with exact amounts of what you're using and not forget things from time to time. :) And besides, whenever I'm cooking something for the first time, I like to look at multiple recipes so I can attempt to make my own variation or figure out what I can include/exclude.

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